Sunday, January 18, 2009

My family

I have been married to the same man for 26 years. We are happy now that we have already been through all the "get to know and tolerate each other" stuff. We have been through some stuff! 26 years is a long time to be together. We are very well connected now.
We met when I was just 16, and he was 19. We were engaged 3 weeks later. We soon discovered his parents names were Richard and Dolores. Guess what? My parents names are Richard and Dolores! My husband is the youngest of 3 and so am I! He has an older brother and sister, and so do I! His brother is Richard, and my brother is Richard! So we knew we were just meant to be.
In 1983 we had our first child, a girl. Stephanie Marie. In 1987 we had our second child, a boy, Scotty. Our daughter is now 25 and in collage for Crime Scene Investigator. Our son is now 21 and is a Soldier in the Army. We are very proud of both of them. I will detail them in another post. They have taught us a whole lot through the years.

Marriage takes a lot of hard work. Oh I know, I have heard what some of you are thinking, ( a marriage should not take hard work or it should not be) Well, it does. I will elaborate on that in my next post. I just wanted to write a little about us so you have a rough draft of how my family began.

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I had no clue about you and your husband family having the same names. That is just weird.

I am glad you took my advice and started a blog. Now you need to add more to it.

Love ya!